Das geek software is a software startup located in Seattle, WA. We strive to produce quality apps that make life easier. You can reach us at: dasimage@hotmail.com

We released our first appĀ das Image back in 2012. Das image is a photo explorer app that is loved by more than 1 million people around world. Unfortunately, das image is no longer supported on windows phone. The exciting news is that das Image is available on iphone! Download the app here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/das-image-search-and-explore/id1464079804

Check out the new app website for demos

11 thoughts on “Hello

  1. This software should be available for Androids and iPhones. You folks at Microsoft are sitting on a Gold Mine of photography.


    • Hi Reynaldo, glad that you enjoyed das image. We are not owned or have any affiliation with Microsoft. Believe it or not, it started because I love coding and have an interest for photography. I actually have to pay yahoo and Microsoft per 1000 clicks – with very few people buying the app, it is not easy to spread over all platform. Thank you for understanding.


  2. please fix the windows phone das image app. Can’t pull any images by search or by selecting from given categories, other than bing images. Error that comes up everytime i search “bing cannot fulfill this request at this time. please try again later” as pop up… please fix it if you can. i love your app, whole UI and purpose of it. Thanks for making it for windows phone…hoping for an update soon.. thanks


  3. I have a Microsoft windows phone the 950 and the app das Image isn’t in the store to download. When i looked it up, it said it wasn’t available. My husband has had it for a while on his phone the 950xl. Any idea why I can’t get it?



  4. Hello. Any news about your work, your site, your programs? Thank you for your excellent apps. And it was very stupid Microsoft has abandoned a good phone o.s. because their stupid managers want money without effort!


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